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Choosing arrows
Making arrows
Shooting the longbow
Lore & Fable

Shooting a longbow
This part of the guide will take you through the basics of shooting in the longbow. It assumes some knowledge of archery.

Style of shooting in the longbow is personal choice so we give some ideas and its up to you what you accept and what you reject.

Selecting arrows
Its up to you whether you buy arrows or make your own. Either way you need to know what you are looking for.

This part explains the archers paradox and the importance of getting the right arrow spine for your bow.

Making arrows
If you want to make your own arrows you can buy expensive books or follow our guide.

Selecting the shafts
Inserting piles and nocks

Frequently asked questions
If your question is not answered here send it to and VAL will try to find the answer and post it on this site. 

Favourite Links
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There are many target competitions which attract longbow entries but I have listed here only those where the competition is only for longbows or wooden bows. I don't know of any longbow only field or clout competitions. Please let me know of any you have come across.

Lore and fable

Mostly good advice. But also some archery lore explained. 

Last revised: 7th May 2004