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How do I attach brass piles with an internal screw?

I have never asked this question myself. I am nervous about just screwing the wooden shaft into the pile, so I smear some hotmelt from a glue gun thinly onto the tapered end of the shaft, heat the pile for a few seconds and then screw the shaft into the pile. The metal will contract on cooling and create a really tight fit that is flush with the sides of the shaft.

How do I attach parallel-fit points?
See advice from This suggests that you put the shaft on a flat surface and place a smooth piece of wood on the end up to a pencil mark 5/8th inch from the end. Then roll the peice of wood backwards and forwards with a bit of downwards pressure.This will reduce the diameter of the shaft enough to slip the point on, but do not press too hard to start with, because you may reduce it so much that it will not give a secure fit. Now mix some Araldite glue and smear some on the end of the shaft and push the points on.
Also see this site for a suggestion to use the round section of a paor of pliers to reduce the width.

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