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Some useful links

Nigel Cook's Longbow

Archery Reference- Balbardie's (recurve)

The Archer Resource Centre

Archery for all

Arrow flight and Spine

The Bowyers & Fletchers Guild

Online Archery UK

British Long Bow Society

Longbow reference site.

Society for Traditional Archery

Wessex Archaeology Project

Archery, Bowmanship and Courtesy




Looking after your bow


Making a longbow  by Simon CB Day

The most useful books and leaflets I have found:

The Traditional Archers Handbook- a practical guide by Hilary Greenland
ISBN 0 9524627

Making Wooden self arrows for use with long bows- C.D.Reid
Printed by Errand Jervis Ltd, 65 Albert Road, Southsea, Hants

The Glade especially articles by Carol Edwards

The Crooked Stick by Hugh Soar- Book review

If you have come across any useful links or reference books please let us know.